Climbing Guide/Sherpa

The Guides working by the Asian Hiking Team are people with an established track record of honesty and personal integrity and are committed to climbing practices that do not cause adverse ecological impact. Trekking/Climbing Guides have an in-depth knowledge about all climbing aspects, local culture, local customs and local religions and are keen to share their knowledge with our clients. All Guides speak English as well as other languages as request. 

Asian Hiking Team’s trekking/ Climbing guides have many years of experience and are highly skilled in all aspects of Nepal Mountaineering and all hold a Nepal Government License, Mountaineering Association Accreditation and Summit Certificates of Nepal Himalayan peak. Our High altitude climbing Sherpa guides are qualified through training from NMA, TAAN and NATHAM. All of our climbing guides have a thorough technical training and practical experience in rock climbing techniques, ice and snow techniques, and logistic knowledge and experience to setup and operate high altitude camps, intimate safety knowledge and experience in high altitude camping, thorough experience and techniques with fixed rope climbing, belay techniques, use of any type of mountaineering gear, use of Oxygen, high altitude food, avalanche and high mountain rescue techniques. Mountaineering Guides are either Everest Summiteer’s or Guides Certified by Nepal Mountaineering Association and have certified skills in First Aid, Altitude/Mountain Sickness prevention and treatment training and Rescue Protocol training. Climbing guides have experience of many 8000m summits setting-up climbing routes, fixed lines and helping many western guides and climbers to summit Everest and other 8000m peaks in Nepal.